Sheet thickness, mm Aluminum foil thickness, mm Trademark Color Sheet dimensions, mm
2 0,3 Dibond White (digital) 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond White 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Black 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Yellow 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Blue 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Red 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Green 1500x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Mirror 1250x3050
3 0,3 Dibond Silver (brushed) 1500x3050
3 0,21 Aluwedo White (matte) 1500x5850
3 0,21 Aluwedo Silver (matte) 1500x5850
3 0,21 Aluwedo Black (matte) 1500x5850
3 0,21 Aluwedo Yellow (glossy) 1500x5850
3 0,21 Aluwedo Blue (glossy) 1500x5850
3 0,21 Aluwedo Red (glossy) 1500x5850



Aluminium composite panel is made of twice reinforced aluminium and polyethylene layers between them. Panels are intended for use in visual advertisement industry and decoration of premises and indoor façade spaces. This is the best choice in order to fulfil your unique identity and style.
  • Operating temperature from -50°C to +80°C;

  • Panels with laminated surface from -20 to +60°C;

  • Ultraviolet (UV) light resistant;

  • Surface of panels is covered by protective PE film;

  • Conforms to German fire protection standards DIN 4102, B2.

  • Production of advertisement structures of various complexity;

  • Elements of small-scale architecture;

  • Large format billboards;

  • Decoration of exhibition stands and interior;

  • Facade covering.



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