Picture Code Color Output Dimensions Brightness

Waterproof LG LED Modules (12V) - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

LX-ECO2S-W Balta 0,48W 44x15x8.2mm 38lm
LX-ECO3S-W Balta 0,72W 72x17x8.2mm 54lm
LX-ECO4S-W Balta 0,96W 46x40x8.2mm 72lm
Waterproof LG and Samsung LED Modules (12V) - 5 YEAR WARRANTY
LX-HLC2S-W Balta 0,48W 44x15x8.2mm 36lm
LX-HLC3S-W Balta 0,72W 72x17x8.2mm 58lm
LX-HLC3SH-W Balta 0,90W 72x17x8.2mm 86lm
LX-HLC4S-W Balta 0,96W 46x40x8.2mm 77lm

Waterproof LED Modules (12V) - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

Octum-12V-M3528W Balta 0,30W 28x7.5x4.3mm 14lm
Octum-W1S Balta 0,60W 34x18x4.5mm 42lm
Octum-12V-LBW Balta 1,4W 43x36x15mm 120lm

Waterproof power supplies (12V DC) - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

MW-12V-18W 12V 18W 140x30x22mm -
MW-12V-35W 12V 35W 148x40x30mm -
MW-12V-60W 12V 60W 162.5x42.5x32mm -
MW-12V-100W 12V 100W 190x52x37mm -

LED light emitting diodes - an integral part of advertisement production. A great mean to replace neon or other light source, saving energy and costs.




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