Name Sheet thickness, mm Sheet dimensions, mm
KAPA Line 3 1400x1000
KAPA Line 5 1000x700 
KAPA Line 5 1400x1000 
KAPA Line 5 5300x1400
KAPA Line 5 3050x1530
KAPA Mount 5 1400x1000
KAPA Mount 5 3000x1400
KAPA Mount 10 3000x1400
KAPA Fix 5 1400x1000
KAPA Fix 5 3000x1400
KAPA Plast 5 1400x1000
KAPA Plast 5 3000x1400
KAPA Plast 5 3050x1530
KAPA Plast 10 3000x1400
KAPA Plast 10 3050x1530
Foam X 5 1400x1000
Foam X 5 2440x1220
Foam X 5 3000x1400



Kapa boards - very lightweight polyurethane foam boards, usually used indoors, for interior, printing, advertising and so on. We offer several types of foam boards:

KAPA Line  - This is the most ordinary, three-layer foam board from the offered stock. It is not resistant to moisture, but is suitable for silk screen-printing and painting. These boards are so easy processed and the paint dries very quickly.

KAPA Mount - This is a five-layer, fire-resistant (B2, DIN 4102) foam board, with characteristics very similar to the KAPA line boards. The outer paper layer has a thin aluminium foil and polish over it provides more stability. It is an excellent solution for any printing.

KAPA Fix - The boards very similar to KAPA Mount. The only improvement is a surface of adhesive and paper on one side of the boards which allows to use the board without additional films.

KAPA Plast - Boards with the cardboard layer of the surface covered with additional polymer material, what provides every board resistance to moisture and allows to use them outdoors for a short period of time.

Foam X - The cheapest cardboard boards filled with foam filler. They are not resistant to moisture and are used for indoor works



  • Useful surface on both sides.

  • High quality covering surfaces of the boards

  • Excellent rigidity and stability properties

  • Very smooth surface

  • Digital printing

  • Silk screen-printing

  • Production of interior references and signs

  • Photo arrangement

  • Production of advertisements

  • Production of exhibition stands

  • Filler for various systems

  • Light structures



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